The Knights Templar in Spain

The Knights Templar are, beyond any doubt, one of the most captivating monastic orders. Their undeniable bravery in the Crusades, their incredible discipline, and the worldwide political, commercial, and military influence they reached over a short period of time are factors why the Templars are still studied nowadays. In fact, the order in Europe became so powerful that the King of France had to accuse them of false allegations in order to take them down and gain some of his sovereignty back. They started in Jerusalem and expanded to several European countries, including France, England, and Spain. Even in the 21st century, their legacy is still very much alive.

In Spain, notably, the Knights contributed immensely to the Iberian peninsula events and left behind a number of fascinating castles.

Castle of Miravet: It was built on a gorgeous view of the River Ebro. The castle is an excellent example of the fascinating architecture of the Knights Templar. The original building is Arab. It became a Christian property after it was conquested, and Ramon Berenguer IV, the Count of Barcelona, gave it to the Templars.

Castle of Ponferrada: One of the main missions of the order in Spain is to defend the French Way, which is the road from France to Santiago, on which you can find the castle. It comprises over 8000 meter square of land and has a very complicated military structure. It went through many modifications and reforms since the 14th century, but it remains one of the fascinating Templars buildings.

Castle of Montalbán: Originally a Muslim fortress, the Castle of Montalbán was reformed in the 12th century by the Knights Templar. It is situated in the Province of Toledo and stands 100 meters away from the Torcón river.

The castles mentioned above are just samples of the historical architecture the Templars left behind in Spain.

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