The Knights Templar Oaths

The Knights Templar is a monastic military order that started in Jerusalem in the Medieval ages. They were active for two centuries and fought in the Crusades alongside the Christians.

Today, the order's name is associated with great warriors, skilled traders, and faithful monks. However, there is so much more to the Templars.

The Knights led a life regulated by strict rules and laws. Their daily life revolves around training for battles and refusing secularism. Bernard de Clairvaux wrote the Rule of the order after the Benedictine Rule that the Cistercians followed. One of its main components is swearing oaths.

Oath of Poverty: The Templars had to renounce personal possession and live a minimalistic life. The knights were prohibited from owning land. New members were supposed to donate their cash and property to the order.

Even when the Templars' wealth grew over the years, things were no different. Given that the Knights developed a big institution's financial instruction, thanks to their side businesses, they operated as a bank. Nobles who had to leave their homes for a long time to fight in the Crusades placed their wealth under the Templars' safeguard.

Oath of Chastity: It required the monks to stay celibate as long as they were members of the orders. The main focus of taking the oath is not to be distracted with secular matters, such as marriage and engaging in romantic or sexual acts.

 Oath of Obedience: Perhaps this is the ultimate oath taken by the Templars. Being a Knight Templar meant living by the Rule and following God's orders first and the Commanders second. It also meant dedicating their lives to spreading the word of God and helping the unfortunate.

Although the Knights Templar led a life of discipline, including taking several oaths, it's all contributed to their incredible power.

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